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Some of us enjoy a variety of things and may want to work in more than one field. Choosing the right pair of majors is all about your ultimate goals and what you want your career to look like. Reply Angela Emely September 1, at What my research showed In my own analysis, I examined data on over two million full-time workers aged 20 to 65 over a six-year period using Census Bureau data.

All they focus on is student attendance and student test scores. Not what actually needs to be taught. Most will agree that having a double major makes you more competitive when entering the workforce.

In college, I earned several degrees, which led to a broader Double major college that I believe enriched the quality and creativity of my thinking and improved my career prospects. Ignore everyone and everything else.

Additionally, I was be able to do several research projects with two professors. Fortunately when I began college I tackled all general ed early on I Double major college have the time and hours available to pick two majors.

These are also major factors as to why graduation rates are low. Not the struggles going on outside of the classroom. Double majors[ edit ] Double degrees should not be confused with double major, [3] or with the occasional practice of awarding a further qualification with a worked-for especially research degree, nor with the awarding of a single degree by multiple institutions.

Currently, I have a 3. Alex July 22, at 8: Hyper-specialization, however, has different impacts upon knowledge breadth depending upon field of study. In some cases, gender appears to matter greatly.

Professors have already received their degrees. Especially in this day and age where the economy is failing us.

Double degree

I am not afraid of how difficult it will be or how long it will take because nothing in life worth having comes easy and I want to make a difference. Do it if you want. My results showed that liberal arts students who take on a second degree in a STEM field earned, on average, 9. What ever happened to following your dreams?

The bureau provides the largest source of publicly available information on individuals and households, helping to ensure that the analysis is both representative and detailed. Do it if you want. My cousin majored in a field and took out loans only to be jobless in a field that will become obsolete.

People these days just want to go in to fields they have no passion for ex: What ever happened to wanting to be great at what you do and executing those goals? I double majored in political science and history — that was monetarily worthless, despite being fulfilling.

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Because personally, I want to become an Art professor while being able to create programs to help trouble youths and also be able to understand the elderly, which the program helping these people while supporting charities globally.

They often take 4—5 years to complete instead of 7—8 years to complete separate degrees. Also some of us actually want to do more in life rather than merely being employed in the field we graduated.

This made my junior and senior year very enjoyable — the perfect amount of challenging. Some people pursue double majors to increase the chances of attaining their dream job by narrowing their education to a specific position.

As a Media Production major, I would assume another major in Marketing because the two fields overlap naturally, but marketing is also where I want to apply my creative skills. On the other hand, the promise of financial rewards as well as parental pressure may push many women towards the science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors.

Is Getting a Double Major a Dumb Idea?

Lynn July 12, at 7: What ever happened to minors? Both of these papers, however, are based on relatively small cross-sections of individuals, which makes them less representative and limits their statistical power.A double major in college seems like a no brainer to many students today, who want to capture a competitive advantage in the work world.

Some academics, however, argue that a double major doesn’t necessarily provide that edge.

Double majors in the United States

Even worse, double majoring keeps many students from graduating on time. A double degree program, sometimes called a dual degree, combined degree, Double degrees should not be confused with double major, a dual degree program is based on a formal agreement within one college/university or between separate colleges/universities.

Students spend 2–3 years in each degree program. A paper found that a double major, on average, yields a percent earnings premium over a peer with only one degree.

The paper noted that the premium ranged from nothing at liberal arts. The idea of having a double major is very appealing; you graduate with two degrees and a larger breadth and depth of knowledge than if you had focused on only one area.

And yet not many students are able to complete a double major during their time in college. Double-majoring is thought to broaden your horizons and give you more career options. A new look at seven years of U.S.

census data tells us. Nov 27,  · 5 signs double majoring may be right for you. This is where the college double major can be useful. Though double majoring can require more work, it can be very rewarding for certain students.

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Double major college
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