Corporate governance case studies

The board declared that a privatisation exercise is solely the decision of the majority shareholder. Background AWT is a water treatment specialist, providing comprehensive and integrated engineering solutions for water purification and wastewater treatment systems.

Walter Woon on Company Law. Tang is a company characterised by the presence of a major controlling shareholder. However, each case inevitably touches on other issues, including regulatory frameworks; Corporate governance case studies of directors, auditors, and regulators; executive and director compensation; shareholder activism; and so on.

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing. This represented a premium of about 35 per cent above the average closing price over the 10 last five trading days.

We would be open to free use of these cases in programmes which are non-commercial in nature, subject to permission being obtained from CPA Australia or me. The cases are also diverse in terms of issues raised. Consequently, the interpretations and perspectives in this case are not necessarily those of the organisations named in the case, or any of their directors or employees.

However, sincethe Tang family had been trying to delist and privatise the 4 company. It should be noted that the cases are written for the purpose of generating discussion and are intended to be used for analysis. However, this is a simplification as the cases often cross national boundaries.

PwC had indicated that 43 the S1.

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However, inTang Wee Sung, CEO and the majority 8 shareholder of the company sincestepped down from the board, after he was alleged to be involved in an illegal organ trading scandal. However, at the request of AWT, bondholders agreed to observe a standstill period, where they would not terminate the BSA or demand for the outstanding amounts.

Structured and convertible bonds worth US60 million were to be issued in two tranches, with the proceeds to be utilised for various water treatment projects.

Corporate Governance Case Studies

As a result, the company continued its listing on SGX. Do you believe that the basis of valuation was fair? Although AWT obtained a waiver on the covenant breach, it breached another covenant due to the failure to complete a restructuring plan. Sincewe have grown consistently and reliably with no debt by selling three kinds of services: The Forum members believe that good governance improves company performance and increases shareholder value.

Shareholders also reproached the directors for failing to clarify with the Tangs about their redevelopment plans for Tangs Plaza after its privatisation.

It obtained an extension until 5 Junepending the conclusion of an agreement for new injection of funds into the company by potential investors.

I therefore decided to incorporate a case writing component into the course by getting the students to form groups and write comprehensive cases as part of their course assessment.

For example, there is a bribery case which involves a Singapore company and Apple in the US. I believe the abridged versions will be useful for qualifying and continuing education programmes for directors, CFOs, accountants, regulators and other professionals.

The Fight towards Privatisation About C. Tang would pay each investor S1. The rationale behind the exercise was to reduce administrative burdens. The FMA principles apply to a wide range of entities including unlisted, listed, governmental and not-for-profit organisations.

The case was developed from published sources solely for class discussion and is not intended to serve as illustrations of effective or ineffective management.The New Zealand Corporate Governance Forum is committed to promoting good corporate governance in NZ companies for the long-term health of the capital market.

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Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but you may need to download Adobe Reader. Corporate governance has received an increasing amount of attention in recent years. Corporate scandals have brought corporate governance weaknesses to the attention of the general public.

These case studies can be done once you have read Part I of my textbook "Corporate Governance.A Global Perspective".I suggest you read all three chapters, with a particular focus on the third chapter.

Case Study

understanding of corporate governance issues in real companies and situations, and to identify and analyse these issues. The quality of the cases continues to improve. This second fully revised edition of "Case Studies of Good Corporate Governance Practices" presents the experiences of a set of leading companies in Latin America in reforming and improving how their firms are governed, and the results these changes have achieved.

Corporate governance case studies
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